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Active supervision

The leading cause of death for kids under the age of 5 is drowning and the biggest problem parents are facing today is how to prevent their child from being a statistic. Active supervision is the best way to avoid a situation of drowning with your child. Here’s the basic guidelines of active supervision that you need to know to keep your child water
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Purposeful Play

Purposeful Play By Dave DuBois @ Carlile Swimming     Play is a tremendously useful tool in teaching children. Play is the primary method through which most of a child’s learning takes place. This is especially true in children under 5 years, but does apply to all ages.   To this end, if a student feels like the entire lesson is “fun” and is
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Fear Based Teaching is Damaging to Growth & Development.

Fear Based Teaching is Damaging to Growth & Development! Early exposure to intense or persistent fear-triggering events affects a child’s ability to learn. It can impair early learning and adversely affect later performance. Toxic Stress, or persistent fear, has been repeatedly documented to create problems with cognitive control and learning. Here at the 5 cities swim school we aim to provide the best of
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Top 7 Benefits of Year-Round Swimming (Scientifically Speaking)

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Year-Round Swimming (Scientifically Speaking): 1. Development of the whole child Not only does swimming benefit children physically, but it also improves their development intellectually AND emotionally! According to scientific studies at the German Sports College Cologne, kids who swim year-round fared better academically, particularly in problem-solving skills. The swimmers also displayed more self-discipline (which may mean less,
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Make A Splash Foundation

The 5 Cities swim school is a proud partner of the USA Swimming Foundation Make A Splash.  This year we were a lucky recipient of a 2016 Make a Splash Grant.  This year the foundation was able to provide $337,017 in grant funding to 52 Make a Splash Local Partners providing more than 20,000 children with Free or Reduced Cost Swimming Lessons. More than
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2016 Summer Swim Lesson Series Special

What a great way to enjoy summer! Save money learning to swim with this great special. San Luis Obispo Swim Lessons Great swim lesson available in San Luis Obispo county. Your swimmers will enjoy our warm pool with our trained swim instructors.

5 Cities Awarded Grant for Local Children

Drowning is the leading cause of death among children in the United States age 5 and under and the second leading cause of death among children under the age of 15. The 5 Cities Swim School’s mission is to end that statistic and make the central coast 100% water safe. We understand that for some families swim lessons can be a hardship so we
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We’ve Gone Solar

The 5 Cities Swim School has gone green by installing Solar Panels.  This year we are contributing to reducing our carbon footprint by switching to clean, natural electricity from solar panels.  Solar Panels harness clean, pure energy from the sun helping to reduce greenhouse gasses and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.  Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and will never run out! Come on by
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Little Squirts Olympics

Saturday April 9th 1-3:00PM DROWNING IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH 5 YEARS AND UNDER AND THE 5 CITIES SWIM SCHOOL WANTS TO END THAT STAT! We are raising funds for children’s swim lessons, for local families who cannot afford the costs of swim lessons. Come join the 5 Cities Swim School, Police Department, and Fire Department, in an awesome BBQ day full of
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