4 Reasons for Winter Swim Lessons

4 Important Reasons for Winter Swim Lessons

As we enter a New Year and slowly find our way into routines after a nice holiday break, it is so important that we keep swim lessons as part of our routine. 

While this rainy weather we have been having could be used as an excuse to avoid the water, our 90 degree INDOOR pool leaves no room for excuses! Regular exercise also builds the immune system, making it less likely that your child will get sick in the winter. Winter can be a tough transition for children going from lots of outdoor activities to being inside. Swimming keeps children active and healthy!

Children can regress after long breaks.

While regression can be a normal part of learning a new skill, keeping lessons frequent and consistent lessen the likelihood of regression. Skills can be quickly forgotten without repetition, so it is crucial to keep kid enrolled in swim lessons during the winter. It’s a great way to practice and improve so we are water safe for the summertime!

Winter is a great time to help water shy children get some great experience in smaller classes. Less children per class means more one on one time with an instructor. This time can be used to help build the water confidence some kids need before experiencing high energy classes during the busier months. 

Swimming is a lifelong safety skill that children need to learn, and continue practicing. While learning to swim is supposed to be a lot of fun, it is also a very important skill that saves lives. Keeping students engaged throughout the year will help keep them safe. 

We hope to see you in the water soon!