Swim Lessons

Creating Quality Swim Instruction on the Central Coast since 1984 Our fun, award winning swim lessons will gently bring your child to the world of swimming.  Classes incorporate songs and play as your child learns...

Recreational Swim

Unfortunately we will temporarily be canceling our recreational swim times. Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Water Exercise

Start feeling good and having fun today! Join one of our low impact water exercise classes to help you stay fit and keep active. All of our instructors make working out fun! Each class is one hour...


My brother Brad is very much looking forward to the day when he can go back to 5 Cities Swim for his lessons with Miss Jessica. He’s been going once a week for several years now, and it has become an integral part of his life and a strong pillar of his community – he loves getting to see the fantastic instructors each week. As someone with a developmental disability, not only is his time at 5 Cities Swim a much needed outlet for physical activity, but it’s a time for him to focus and learn new skills, which strongly contributes to his self esteem and feelings of independence. With so much uncertainty floating around right now, I know how much it will mean to him to resume some sense of normalcy by getting back in the water as soon as he is able to. We hope to see you soon!!