Swim Lesson Rates


Premium Instructor - 8 Classes$190must be a member
Swim Lessons (8)$160$190
Second Child (8)$158must be a member
Gold Medal Series (24)$450must be a member
Premium Gold Medal Series (24) Premium Instructor $545must be a member
Private Lesson Premium (4) Premium Instructor$380must be a member
Private Lesson Premium (8) - Premium Instructor$640must be a member
Semi-Private Premium (8) Premium Instructor $760must be a member
Private Lessons (4)$360$400
Private Lessons (8)$560$600
Semi-Private Lessons (8)$680$720


5 Cities Swim Club Membership is an optional discount program. With your annual $65 membership fee, you receive discounts on all programs offered at the club. You may choose to participate in any program we offer as a member or non-member.

*membership is a discount program only*


Please give us a call for class times!

Classes are booked in sets of eight lessons, each lesson is 30 minutes long. We have small class sizes with a 4 kid maximum. Classes begin every 2 to 8 weeks and are held throughout the day. (Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings) Please call or stop by our office for current class times. For pricing see our rates listed below.

Monday/Wednesday -twice a week/four weeks – eight classes
Tuesday/Thursday -twice a week/four weeks – eight classes
Monday through Thursday-four times a week for two weeks – eight classes
Friday only for eight weeks
Saturday only for eight weeks


Class make up: In order to maintain the integrity of our classes, a make up lesson will be issued only with proof of illness  (i.e. doctors note) is provided. Make-ups are not guaranteed and done on a space available basis.

Refunds: There are no refunds unless another swimmer takes your child’s spot in the class. The 5 Cities Swim Club will refund your payment less a $35 cancellation fee per student in addition to a per class charge for the classes that have been held.

Infants/Toddlers: disposable diapers alone are not allowed in the pool.**Double diapering is mandatory.** Please be sure to have an approved reusable swim diaper and a disposable little swimmer diaper at all times. Cloth reusable diapers are available for purchase in our Swim Shop.

To ensure that everyone is swimming safely we require ALL students to wear goggles during their swim lesson. Goggles are available for purchase in our Swim Shop.