How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

Some of you may ask, will my child learn to swim in just 8 lessons? Or 24? How long WILL it take? 

Swim lessons are a process, not an event! When ever you are learning something new whether it be a language or an instrument, it takes time and practice. Every child learns at a different pace, and some children are more fearful than others, and some have been in the water but don’t have proper technique. This is why we provide homework for your child to practice at home out of the water or in the tub to have a better chance of progressing during their lessons. 

It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Let that sink in for a minute..Each. of our lessons are 30 minutes long. If you come twice a week that’s 4 hours a month, 48 hours a year. If you come once a week that’s 2 hours a month and 24 hours a year! This is why practice outside of swim lessons is so important. We have many parents saying they wish they would have brought their kids to recreational swim sooner because it gives them the opportunity to go through the trial and error stages of learning. 

Consistency plays a big role in how soon your child will learn to swim. We encourage you to come to your swim lessons even when schedules get a little crazy because this will help them retain skills and progress quicker. 

Each of our classes are designed to build off the other. So we do have pre-requisites before they can move forward to the next level. For instance, you will have a hard time swimming on your back if you can’t float on your back. In the intro level class they will learn to float, glide, kick, and be able to jump in and swim back to the wall. We want your child to have a sense of breathe control, balance and buoyancy before we move to the next skill. So going into swim lessons with an idea of what your goals are for your child is important and understanding that it takes time.