Active supervision

The leading cause of death for kids under the age of 5 is drowning and the biggest problem parents are facing today is how to prevent their child from being a statistic. Active supervision is the best way to avoid a situation of drowning with your child. Here’s the basic guidelines of active supervision that you need to know to keep your child water safe.
Any child under the age of 5 years old or any child that doesn’t have the basics of swimming and water safety need “touch supervision”. Touch supervision is making sure that your child is always within arms reach of you. If a child accidentally goes under water and or begins to drown it is likely to be silent, so it is best to keep eyes and/or hands on you child at all times. If you must use the restroom, get a drink of water, or grab your phone make sure you designate another adult to watch your child and be with in arms reach of them while you are away or remove them from the pool. By following these methods of supervision you will insure your child’s safety at all times in the water and help prevent drownings