Color Me! 21APR2020

Swimming is so much fun! We are so bummed we can’t teach you all how to swim, but you know what else is fun!? COLORING! Print out this fun Goldfish and send a video or picture of your finished art work. Send any art work to us on facebook or instagram!

HERE ARE 10 benefits of coloring.
1. Improves Motor Skills
2. Prepares Them for School
3. Stimulates Creativity
4. Contributes to Better Handwriting
5.Teaches Color Awareness, Recognition and Discernment
6. Improves Focus and Hand to Eye Coordination
7. Helps Learn about Boundaries, Structure and Spacial Awareness
8. Improves Confidence and Self Esteem
9. Helps Self-Expression
10. Is Therapy and Stress Relief

Coloring Page Fish