History of Backstroke 23APR2020

Abby n Jessica

Hi everyone! Here we are again, another Thursday and another History of Swimming Day! Knowledge is power and you need plenty of power with swimming. Swimming helps with brain power and so does history. Put them together for a power house!

History of the Backstroke

  • 20th Century Backstroke began to appear in the picture as an independent style.
  • 1932 Australian amateur swimmers realized that bending of arms in the underwater stroke rather than straight arms proved to be fast.
  • 1988 Seoul Olympic games, the dolphin kick was brought to light by David Barkoff of the USA
  • 1991 The distance allowing for a dolphin kick for up to a length of 10m before being increased to 15m was regulated
  • 1924 The first women’s backstroke swimming event was held at the Olympics in a 100m swimming race.
  • 1968 at Mexico City Olympic Games The 200m women’s event was added to the schedule.
  • The backstroke was the second style of swimming after the front crawl in competitions.
  • The first backstroke in Olympics games was in 1900 in Paris for the 200 meters Men.
  • The only regulated style swimming using the back.
  • The only competitive style where swimmers start inside a swimming pool instead of diving.