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Water Safety – 2JULY2020

During the summer most families hang out at the pool or the beach on a hot day to beat the heat. But, before you dive in, learning about water safety is key! Buddy up! Always swim with a partner every time you’re in a backyard pool or any body of water. Even experienced swimmers can become tired or get muscle cramps, which can make
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Wacky Wednesday -24JUNE2020

Today is Wacky Wednesday! Here we have some crazy fishes having some fun during their lessons! And don’t forget that your family could have as much fun too! Rent our pool for 1 hour with up to 15 swimmers. Non-Members are $140 and Members are $120. Call us today to schedule! 

Dryland Tuesday! – 22JUNE2020

Here we have Ms.Jessica teaching us how to perfect our Breastroke kick at home!  

Do you know what’s special about June? –4JUNE2020

June is CPR Awareness Month All of our instructors at 5 Cities Swim School are CPR, Lifeguard, and First Aide certified!  CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Recitation and is a basic life support to save someones life before EMS can arrive. It is so important as a parent to know how to do CPR on an infant, child, or adult for any emergency. You can
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Dry Land Training Tuesday– 2JUNE2020

Sidestroke is great for kids and young adults that want to get into Junior Lifeguarding. This stroke is effective for saving a victim in the water without exhausting the rescuer. We teach sidestroke as a part of our curriculum at 5 Cities Swim School to help with balance in the water. It requires a very strong scissor kick to propel you through the water while
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We are so sorry to announce that we will not be opening this week. With major miscommunication with the local health department, we are frustrated, sad and wish there was something more we could do to get reopened! We are so sorry for any inconvenience. This is the first time we have ever had to go through anything like this and it has been a
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